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A race against time

Esthec was originally developed as a revolutionary decking material.  This application became tremendously successful in no time. We believe this is a result of the fact that Esthec is led by a spirit that is continuously looking for improvement and innovation.  

For a long time now it’s been about more than ship decks and it turns out Esthec is racing against time: there is so much we can do and so little time in which to do it!  The very least we can do is try to keep you up to date on our news projects.   Time will never stand still, but when we find the right moment, we will rock it.  

Even we are sometimes taken by surprise when it comes to new possibilities.  For instance, someone once said: ‘nice stuff, Esthec. It would make my apartments along the Spanish coast look good”., from which was born the idea for our Terrace application.  You can read in detail about the endless possibilities of Esthec here.



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