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Advantages: 16 reasons

Creative freedom

Esthec Terrace offers unprecedented freedom in colour which allows the terrace to be integrated into an overall design scheme. It is unvarnished and available in 7 basic colours. Each of these 7 colours consists of three shades for a lively effect. Esthec also offers the possibility of a custom made colour, providing unlimited design opportunities. Due to the computer-controlled processing, the design’s end result is known in advance.


Esthec Terrace is a composite material which contains no pvc.  There are absolutely no hazardous materials used in the making of Esthec.

Constant quality

Wood splits, dries out and cracks. We have learned to live with this fact by lovingly describing these faults as ‘character`. In that context, we are pleased to state that Esthec has no character at all. It is produced to strict quality standards under highly controlled circumstances. Esthec ages well and will never split, crack or dry out.

Barefoot sophistication

We call Esthec barefoot sophistication, since it includes all the charming properties of wood, yet without the inevitable, cracking, splintering, warping or weathering.


Good quality wood is getting scarcer by the day. Demand exceeds supply, resulting in illegal logging and deforestation. In addition, the prices are constantly fluctuating. Esthec, on the other hand, is stable in price and raw materials are always available in a consistent quality. Choosing Esthec is choosing the conservation of rare natural resources.

Waste reduction

About 60% of a tree has knots or other anomalies. For decking purposes, these parts will be labelled ‘inferior` and thrown away, pure waste. The production of Esthec produces no waste. Whatever is left at the end of the process can used for smaller terrace parts or recycled for the next production run.

Low maintenance

Esthec Terrace is highly maintenance-friendly. Esthec Terrace can be cleaned with a hard brush as well as a standard household high pressure cleaner.

Away with algae

Have you ever wondered where all those algae and bacteria giving your terrace a green appearance within two or three weeks are coming from?  From the absorption of water. Esthec does not absorb water.  Algae and mold will not be a issue on your terrace when you choose Esthec.

Extremely wear and slip resistant

Esthec Terrace is wear, impact and slip resistant in both wet and dry conditions.

Easy to install

The average installation time of Esthec Terrace is significantly lower than the installation time of other types of decking. Esthec’s lightweight click system makes it easy to apply and, if necessary, remove.  Esthec Terrace will be supplied complete with a comprehensive assembly system.

Extremely durable

There is no ‘expiry date’, it will still look good as new after many years of use.


Esthec is a 100 mm wide, 20 mm thick, advanced composite material weighing 1.6 kg/m1.

IMO certified

Esthec meets the requirements for fire safety and the emission of toxic gases specified by IMO.


The basis of Esthec Terrace is a liquid material made of 25 ingredients including natural resins, natural fibers, minerals and colour pigments; 25% of which are recycled materials.

Available all over the world

An exclusive and low-maintenance Esthec terrace is available to you wherever in the world you may be. Materials can be shipped from the production site in the Netherlands, or one of our various delivery points, to any place you can think of.

Excellent references

Esthec has an excellent track record based on many years of experience. Esthec’s roots go back to when our factory began developing composites with a vision of replacing the use of timber, steel and tar 50 years ago.


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