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Advantages: 25 reasons

It is a superb deck

Esthec is simply the best, most durable and best looking deck. It has the added advantage of requiring the least attention. The miserable springtime routine of sanding, swearing, re-sanding and sealing is a thing of the past. Esthec is 100% sailing and enjoyment.

You will be out on the water more

You can only spend your free time once. While fellow boat owners are rallying friends to help with the annual maintenance of the deck, you cast off and head for the horizon.

The value of your ship

Every expert will tell you that a ship has a number of critical points when it comes to its value in the longer term. The condition of the deck is one of them and not the least one. Esthec is a solid contribution to your ship retaining its value.

It is your own ship, your very own deck

A deck is a deck. There was not much room for individuality in the past. It was impossible to incorporate colours, shapes or patterns. Was! With Esthec you have a free hand to turn any deck into one that suits your personal or ship's style. For the same money and with the same effort.

It comes from Bolidt

It would not be surprising if the name Bolidt does not sound familiar to you. Bolidt has not been active in recreational yacht building for very long. However, the company is a leading world player when it comes to the development, production and application of composite materials, also offshore. Composite decks from Bolidt can, for instance, be found on dozens of cruise ships and mega yachts.

Brown is the colour ... of teak

Legendary words of Henri Ford about the Model T Ford: “You can have any colour you want, as long as it is black.” With regard to decks, we are still living in the days of the “T”. Any colour you want, as long as it is brown (or algae green, but more about that later). Esthec is available in 13 different colours. Including brown.

Any way you like it

There is not an awful lot you can do with a teak deck. You can lay the planks from the front to the back or from the left to the right. That is about it. Esthec allows you (and your marine architect) room for creativity. Round, square, one line, no line, a logo, a line from your favourite poem. You name it. It can all be incorporated in Esthec.

Good looks

Ship owners have been looking for a more durable and modern replacement for teak for a while, but are put off by the ‘plastic look` that seems to come with it. Esthec removes that problem. Esthec has an exclusive appearance that is second to none.

Sea legs

Quite frankly, Esthec is not completely new. We have been using similar material for decks on cruise ships for years. These decks are used intensively and last for at least 15 years.

Long live progress!

The fact that it took a while before Esthec became available to the yacht building Industry, has everything to do with the production process. New developments have made it cost-effective to now also use the material for smaller decks.


Hoisting the spinnaker in a split second, tacking unexpectedly fast to take the wind out of the sails of the competition. A slip is always inconvenient in competitive yachting. That is why Esthec was first tested in the rough world of sail racing. The response was overwhelming. Esthec: For pleasure cruising and for racing on the edge.

Air for Mother Nature

Every day, 80 hectares of teak forest are logged (every day!) and time after time this takes an enormous chunk out of the lungs of Mother Nature. By choosing Esthec you contribute to the preservation of these forests.


“Man overboard” is the greatest fear of many skippers. However, the chance that you break a leg or a hip in a simple fall is many times bigger. The constant grip that Esthec provides, reduces that chance significantly. Even when the deck is wet.

Weight reduction

Esthec is not only more durable and stronger than teak, it is also lighter in weight. This offers huge advantages to yacht building. By saving weight above the water line, you can also save weight below the water line without it coming at the expense of the steadiness and the quality of your ship. The double saving in weight that is made in this way, in turn improves the speed and the manoeuvrability.

About time

Engines are used instead of oars. The hull is no longer made of wood but out of polyester, carbon or aluminium. The sextant has been replaced by GPRS. Smoke signals by marine telephones. It is about time for Esthec on deck.

Give your ship a second life

Esthec can be installed on new yachts, but also on existing ones. With all the same qualities and benefits.

No splintering

Have you ever tried to get a teak splinter out of your foot at sea?

Constant quality

Teak splits, dries out and cracks. We have learned to live with that by lovingly describing it as ‘character`. In that context, we are pleased to state that Esthec has no character. It is produced to strict quality standards under conditioned circumstances. Esthec does not ‘have second thoughts`. No splits. No splinters. No deformation. Esthec is one quality. One direction. One hardness.

Hose down your deck

The 11th commandment: never use a high pressure cleaner on your deck. So, down on your knees and scrub! You need to be prepared to put in some effort if you want to enjoy some time on the water, right?
Not true! On your Esthec deck you can just take out your hard broom and enthusiastically brush away. Your reward will be with a deck shining with delight. Then, while the others in the marina are still on their knees, you set sail. Again: shining with delight.

Away with algae

Have you ever wondered where all those algae and bacteria giving your deck a green appearance within two or three weeks are coming from? From the absorption of water.
Esthec does not absorb water. That is why you will hardly have any algae on board if you choose Esthec.

Waste reduction

About 60% of a tree has knots or the wrong growth rings. This part will be labelled ‘inferior` and throw away. It is pure waste. The production of Esthec produces no waste. Whatever is left In the process of cutting the deck to size is used for smaller deck parts.

Home is anywhere

Esthec has been tested under the searing Caribbean sun, on the saltiest seas and in the bitter cold around the poles. It did not budge. Not even after years.


The secret behind Esthec is simplicity. All that is needed to make the entire deck to measure is a CAD drawing. When the deck is finished, specialists will install Esthec on the hull with the greatest of ease. This simplicity prevents mistakes and errors.

Available all over the world

An exclusive and low-maintenance Esthec deck is also a feasible option when your ship is not in the Netherlands. From the production site in the Netherlands your deck can be shipped to any harbour you can think of.


Good quality teak is getting scarcer by the day. Demand exceeds supply, resulting in illegal logging and deforestation. In addition, the prices go up. Esthec, on the other hand, is stable in price and raw materials are always available in a consistent quality.
Choosing Esthec is choosing the conservation of rare natural resources.


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