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The core

Esthec is a strong and solid material that consists of composites and fillers. It is an innovation based on the yachting industry’s enormous need for ecologically sound construction materials.  Subtly, the traditional way of constructing (teak) decks needed some adjustment to secure the future of yacht construction. Teak is becoming more and more scarce and the deforestation resulting from taking down complete teak forests is very environmentally unfriendly.

Esthec’s appearance is what makes the adjustment subtle, the improved properties however are everything but subtle. Concisely expressed, Esthec is very durable, ecologically sound, lightweight, highly maintenance-friendly, resistant to different weather conditions, chemicals and liquids, it is indestructible and there is freedom in colour and design. In our opinion, Esthec is a revolutionary new decking material that will play a major role in the near and far future of yacht construction. 


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