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Working at Esthec yourself

The term ‘job` does not imply one specific workplaces anymore. At least not at Esthec`s. De current modern digital network turned it all around. With a telephone, laptop and Skype you are completely self supporting. Without any embarrassment one chooses a workplace that fits the current geographic situation. A trendy internet café, a large hotel room or on a terrace in the sun, where many employees and freelancers drink their latte macchiato with a smile, enjoying wifi.

Our ambition is to be permanently represented within all of our key areas (Southern Europe, The USA and the Middle East). Esthec pictures this ambition as mentioned above. Trendy flexible workplaces throughout each continent, with high-tech, design and ecology in mind. No description on your business card, you determine your work process and strategy, so you are ‘on your own`. It is your job. And make sure you will work hard anyway, otherwise we will know where to find you and your latte. Quickly make contacts and develop long term relations, sell our product and knock architects sideways with our fabulous, beautiful composite.



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