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Wood  is one of Mother Nature`s masterpieces. One of the most beautiful, most durable and most impressive materials she has ever created. And, what`s more, one of the most useful. A forest is nothing less than one of Mother Nature`s lungs.  Stopping deforestation is one of the greatest challenges faced by our generation. Time is running out. It`s time to take a deep breath.

Here is the good news

Things can change. Things can improve.

Esthec is nature reinvented. A composite with all the outward features of wood, the look of wood and even the feel of wood. But without any wood.  Esthec is unbreakable, in other words, crack-free, splinter-free and low maintenance.

The basis of Esthec Terrace is a liquid material made of 25 ingredients including natural resins, natural fibers, minerals and color pigments; 25% of which are recycled materials.

There is no waste created in the production of Esthec Terrace. Whatever is left at the end of the process can used for smaller terrace parts or recycled for the next production run.


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