Highlight - Arkup

Floating villa, mobile yacht and stable home: Arkup #1 is all of these things. This world first is the next-generation floating home. Not only is Arkup #1 a luxury, two-storey floating villa, it is also a 22-metre, electrically propelled yacht. Another novel feature of Arkup #1 is a system of four hydraulic legs, allowing it to anchor in up to 6-metre water depths and lift the house just above the waterline. This innovative floating home has a retractable Esthec Nautical Decking. Esthec has been involved in the development of Arkup #1 from the beginning, together with the architect Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio.NL

Waterstudio.NL chose the durable Esthec decking application not just based on its product qualities. Olthuis: off course, Esthec is extremely wear resistant and 100% recyclable. Plus it has a great feel to it. Design-wise the decking looks amazing. They are supplied tailor made and then put together like a puzzle.

In yacht building Esthec has proven itself as an extremely durable decking application. It is unaffected by the sun and salt water as well as easy to keep clean. Those properties were key in the development of Arkup #1. The outdoor terrace had to be easy to use and even easier to maintain.