Highlight - RedBox House

For Colombo La Famiglia, a renowned Swiss firm specialising in furniture design culture, aesthetics are obviously of paramount importance. Since the 1970’s the name Colombo stands for stylish and individual interior furniture and design. This becomes evident in the current exhibition space of Colombo La Famiglia at the iconic RedBox House in Zollikon, Switzerland. The roof top terrace has been adorned with the environment friendly Esthec Outdoor Terrace, which demonstrates the pleasing aesthetic qualities of the product. The roof top terrace serves as a showroom for designer furniture and simultaneously as outdoor experience area for the clientele of Colombo La Famiglia; a space in which designers and partners selected by Colombo La Famiglia can present their latest collections. However, the old wooden deck was in need of replacing. The stylish Esthec Outdoor Terrace was chosen as the replacement. Because this decking system scored superbly well in both design and durability, it was a logical substitute for the traditional material wood. Colombo La Famiglia and Esthec complement each other perfectly in the RedBox House.