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General interest

Productsheet Esthec Deck
The product sheet provides general information describing Esthec Deck as a product in terms of, for instance, properties, advantages, appearance, maintenance and experience.

Factsheet Esthec Deck
The fact sheet Esthec Deck resembles the product sheet, but outlines the technical properties and data such as weight, thickness, coefficient of expansion, E modulus and wear resistance.

All information about Inmould in a row.

A graphic representation of all basic colours and a few design samples.

Specifications sheet
The key details on Esthec presented in an accurate and concise format.

Ordering process
Flow chart summarizing the complete process for ordering an Esthec product.

and on the 8th day
Short brochure highlighting the ecological aspect. Teak looks wonderful, but Esthec shows that nature can be reinvented.

25 Reasons
We could have included many more, but this document lists the 25 most important advantages that Esthec has to offer. Reason enough to always choose Esthec.

Chemical resistance
Document that shows Esthec’s excellent resistance to a wide range of liquids and substances. Oils and fats, salts, fruit juices and wine, acids and solvents such as diesel oil have all been tested.

Esthec brochure
Esthec’s corporate brochure with a complete overview of all the important, factual, interesting, beautiful and surprising information about Esthec including quotes from Bouwe Bekking and Alice Huisman.

Read how Esthec saves countless beautiful forests.

What the deck...
Small brochure about the introduction of Esthec in 2007.

Product Life Cycle
Specialists from an independent university carried out an analysis of the life cycles of both Esthec and teak. The results are presented in this document.

Temperature test
Test results have shown that the heat absorption of Esthec hardly differs from that of teak. Interested in the details? Please follow the link to view this document.

Cleaning instructions
After the Esthec deck has been installed we recommend that you follow a number of steps to ensure a well protected deck that is easy to clean.

Stain guide
In the stain guide you will find the results of products commonly used on board and tested on Esthec.

Frequently asked questions
There will always be questions and questions are there to be answered. So to help you with any questions you may have, we have listed the most common questions about Esthec and answered them to the best of our ability and knowledge. 




CAD requirements
In order for us to be able to deliver an Esthec Made to Fit deck, the customer needs to supply us with a 2D AutoCAD file. This file has to meet a number of essential requirements. You will find all the details regarding the 2D AutoCAD file in this document.

General Terms and Conditions
Esthecs General Terms and Conditions.

Privacy and cookie statement
Esthecs privcay and cookie statement.

Warranty and conditions
Esthec Limited Warranty and conditions

Bank information
Our bank details.

IMO certificate
Certificate showing that Esthec meets the requirements for fire safety and the emission of toxic gases specified by IMO.

ISO certificate
Certificate showing that Esthec meets the requirements for ISO.


Application manual
A detailed description of the installation process (including installation conditions).

Tools comprehensive list
List of the required materials and tools (including pictures).

Installatie video
An instructional video that takes installers by the hand and guides them through the mounting process of the Esthec deck, to ensure that the installation is carried out successfully.




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