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Esthec and the Volvo Ocean Race: the ultimate battle

June 30, 2015
The most prestigious ocean race in the world has finished in Gothenburg, Sweden. From the start in Alicante last October, seven...

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Colombo La Famiglia chooses sustainable presentation of trendsetting designer furniture

May 05, 2015
For Colombo La Famiglia, a renowned Swiss firm specialising in furniture design culture, aesthetics are obviously of paramount...

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Esthec Terrace conquers ‘Las Islas Canarias’

May 04, 2015
In a villa designed by architect Carlos Morales on Lanzarote, Esthec Terrace was chosen as the finish material for the terrace. This...

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OutdoorNL and Esthec opt for sustainable cooperation

April 10, 2015
OutdoorNL and Esthec join forces. OutdoorNL is a leading company in the landscape design and architecture sector. The company only...

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XO Boats launches XO 250 with Esthec deck

April 02, 2015
The XO 250 is the latest flagship of XO Boats that makes an excellent impression both aesthetically and in terms of quality and...

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Esthec Terrace finalist in the Architizer A+ Awards

March 23, 2015
The world's largest and fastest growing website for architecture has launched the definitive architectural award program with...

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Race for Brazil: the toughest stage of the Volvo Ocean Race

March 20, 2015
Team Brunel left New Zealand for Brazil at Tuesday evening 20.00 UTC, the 17th of March as the postponed fifth leg of the Volvo Ocean...

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Saffier SE 33 with Esthec decking wins HISWA Boat of the Year

March 16, 2015
At HISWA 2015, the Saffier SE 33 was named HISWA Boat of the year in the sailing boat category. The award is an initiative introduced...

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Esthec Terrace is gaining ground in the US

January 16, 2015
Esthec Terrace has clearly gained ground in Florida in 2014. A growing number of architects and owners of luxury residences are won...

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Next stop: Sanya

January 07, 2015
After a thrilling final Team Brunel has won the second leg of the Volvo Ocean Race. The Dutch boat sailed over the finish line in Abu...

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