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10 years of innovation

As we come into the 10 year anniversary of Esthec, all projects, innovations and new developments are leading the challenge for the future with an incredible journey that can boost even more the sophistication of our products in terms of aesthetic and techological solutions.

To find Esthec’s roots, we have to go all the way back to 1964, when two people envisioned a future without timber, tar, and steel. Fifteen years down the line, having experimented with composites, the company found their materials being applied on major cruise ships. Fast-forward another fifteen years and half the cruise market are composite converts. Skip ahead yet another fifteen and 75% are dedicated to the cause.

Out of this momentum came Esthec. In 2007 a new generation decking material was created that was based not on tradition, but on the future. Having installed Esthec Nautical decking on many boats, in 2012 the conception of Esthec Terrace took place. In what feels like a short space of time, Esthec Terrace has gone from strength to strength. Now, Esthec Terrace continues to grow with around 20 partners situated all over the globe. Once someone has had it installed, they often repurchase in a different capacity. For instance a homeowner who appreciates the qualities of Esthec on their yacht might go on to install it in their garden (or vice versa). The capacities in which Esthec Terrace is used becomes more and more exciting every year.

A huge project recently carried out was the Dubai Opera House, a landmark that represents a significant milestone for Esthec Terrace. The architects had specific needs of sophistication and durability, and Esthec was choosen as the perfect solution for the project. Thousands of people will come from around the globe to enter in this cultural hub, stepping over a terrace that will last a lifetime.

Whilst landmark projects are exciting, there is also something truly satisfying about completing beautiful residential projects. There is a value of sentiment that it’ll be a treasured space for the homeowners. Take the project in Oldenzaal for instance; Esthec Terrace transformed an old country house into a modern dream home with a stunning outdoor space. As designers discover the potentiality of Esthec, it’s being applied in all kinds of ways. It’s been used as balustrades (in the Ritz Carlton Perth), walls, and as a façade. The potential of Esthec Terrace evolves as the company evolves; over the last ten years the Esthec brand has expanded into all kind of innovations, opening doors for designers in the process. With more and more designers connecting with the freedom of design offered, the future can be nothing but exciting for Esthec in all its applications. Let’s create our future together.

Marcel van der Spek


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