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10 years of innovation

Esthec is always on a constant journey towards the future and evolving continuously up to new innovations and new trends of architects and designers. Over the past ten years, Esthec, as well as the landscape in which it sits, has changed drastically.

Since its first use on the sailing yacht No Limits, Esthec has improved and developed a lot the formula. Today, there are thirteen standard colors and unlimited custom colors. The possibilities with Esthec are endless! An increasingly vast number of people are realizing that teak is not only unnecessary, but it’s also not the best solution for their deck.

Until ten years ago the use of teak was considered as standard and there was not any valid suggestion of an alternative. However, as people come to see the true and endless possibilities of Esthec, the realization arises that teak belongs to the forests, and not to the
deck of a boat. When it’s placed on a boat, it warps, it splinters, it discolors and mainly needs a continuous maintenance and care. When it’s in the forest, it breaths, it grows, it serves its purpose. Just in the same way, Esthec serves its purpose when it’s installed
on the deck of a boat. It gives complete freedom in design and it lasts much longer than any other decking material on the market, offering, together with the best aesthetic solution, also safety and therefore high comfort.

The value of Esthec Nautical decking goes far beyond simply to ‘not being teak’ but being oriented always towards innovation, new technology and design. A lot of incredible and prestigious designers choose Esthec for their projects.

With MY Okto and the ARROW 460-Granturismo, the future of Esthec becomes extremely exciting. In both of these projects Esthec was chosen for its unchallenged and high qualities as a nautical decking material, for its endless design possibilities and for its aesthetic solution which is the best the market can offer. It just goes to show that Esthec is truly a material in its own right. Developments and technologies like Esthec Sensor Deck and Esthec Solar Glow really drive this point home. It opens the floodgates for designers to think about the deck in a whole new light. I can't wait to hear your idea! What's next?

Marcel van der Spek


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