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A Turkish world of possibilities


Refitting company KRM Yacht new partner Esthec

A first of its kind: the new partnership between KRM Yacht and Esthec opens up great new possibilities for both companies. For KRM Yacht the cooperation means working with a top decking product in their own refitting projects, as well as marketing the quality material to production boat builders in Turkey. For Esthec® the partnership offers the opportunity to expand its excellent reputation to the extensive Turkish nautical market. Esthec® has found in KRM Yacht a strong, local partner who knows that market intimately and have the capacity to prefab the Esthec decks locally.

KRM Yacht focuses so far solely on refitting projects on super yachts. In fact, it is the first and only company in Turkey specializing in this type of work. Based in several locations in Turkey and with years of experience, the company has built up a superb reputation in the Turkish market.

To achieve perfection KRM Yacht depends on highly qualified craftsmanship delivered by a project management and development team, in-house service teams and qualified subcontractors. With these skilled professionals KRM Yacht covers every aspect of the refitting projects, including mechanics/machinery overhaul, all types of hull structural work, painting, marine electricity and wiring, electronics, piping, industrial cooling and air-conditioning, interior design and upholstery. Subcontractors and craftsmen are carefully ‘handpicked’ to become trustworthy partners.
Lately KRM Yacht has initiated cooperation with yet another trustworthy name: Esthec®. The refitting company has become partner and distributor of the brand, that is global leader in yacht decking systems. Esthec® is the first decking company that teams up with KRM Yacht, says Kerem Başer, founder of KRM Yachts. ‘We see great opportunities in working with a widely acknowledged top quality product like Esthec®. We are well equipped to apply tailormade Esthec® decks in our own refitting projects. We are also looking forward to produce and market the decking systems to production boat builders in Turkey.  We truly believe that this is the start of a long-term successful relationship with Esthec®.

None of the downsides of teak
For KRM Yacht the partnership means benefitting of the outstanding quality of Esthec®, that develops and produces technologically advanced decking systems since 2007. Made from sustainable materials containing natural ingredients, colour pigments and recyclable filler, Esthec® is extremely durable and requires low-maintenance. It has none of the downsides of teak and offers designers, builders and end-users extreme freedom of choice: 13 standard and unlimited custom colours, endless design possibilities, and also: more comfort and safety and a high insulating factor.

The partnership with KRM Yacht is also a first for Esthec® in that region. Never before the Turkish market has been approached. In the refitting company, Esthec® has found a strong, local partner who knows that market intimately. Working with KRM Yacht means a great opportunity for Esthec® to expand its excellent reputation in new foreign shipping market. Though this is the first time the company is working with a Turkish partner, Esthec® has established many partnerships in many countries. In fact, since 2007 Esthec markets its products worldwide through local or national partners.



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