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London designers dream big at Bolidroom Experience

Bolidroom Experience is Bolidt's creative lab that helps you make your wildest design dreams become a reality. Its workshop-based structure is set up to fulfill architects and designers in their need for special applications in synthetics, such as custom-made colours, patterns, art, and textured shapes. After successful and well-attended sessions in Amsterdam and London earlier this year, Bolidroom is taking its hands-on, interactive experience on a world tour.

In June, Esthec invited visitors to participate in the Bolidroom Experience during the Superyacht Design Week at the Chelsea Design Centre in London. Together with Bolidt, Esthec acted as the main sponsor of the event. For three days straight, architects, designers and developers alike were coached by designers who specialise in working with composite. Not only London architects and designers got involved, but also major players in the boating industry such as Vripack, Benetti and Tony Castro Yacht Design. Participants learned all there is to know about Esthec's material possibilities, and designed their own dream scenario with their own hands.

The possibilities are seemingly endless as Esthec''s composite can be entirely manipulated to meet your needs. A workshop at Bolidroom offers you the opportunity to come up with unique, custom-made designs and applications. Unlike traditional teak, Esthec's composite is available in many colours, ranging from very light grey to dark brown and anything in between, with five different colours for the seams. In addition to creating unlimited deck designs in various structures and colours, participants can also experiment with creating shapes such as logos and lettering. Use your imagination to mold exactly what your (client's) design challenge requires. On top of that, Esthec is ecologically sound and surprisingly low maintenance, saving trees and the aquatic when cleaning a yacht, both on deck and below.

Click here to see the pictures of Bolidroom Experience in London.


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