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Tender 06Oe Electric Outboard features deck with special design

The Heinrich shipyard has been famed for building high-quality yachts for 50 years. Among the boats built by Heinrich are the Tenders for Designboats: sleekly designed speedboats that, true to the reputation of Swiss products, excel in durability and design. For this Swiss company, love of design is part of their DNA. Heinrich therefore fitted the Tender 06Oe Electric Outboard, the latest model introduced by Designboats, with a special Esthec deck.

Heinrich shipyard chooses Esthec for its durability and design
Heinrich has been installing Esthec decks on many of their yachts for years. Esthec, made from composite material, looks and feels indistinguishable from teak. The decks have the added advantages of being scratch free, splinter proof and very easy to maintain. This makes Esthec the perfect durable and ecologically sound alternative to teak. In addition, Esthec offers unprecedented possibilities for deck design - everything is possible when it comes to colour, form and pattern. That was an important reason for the shipyard to enter into a partnership with Esthec. Heinrich is now an end-to-end provider of Esthec, selling Esthec in Switzerland, southern Germany and northern Italy.

A deck with a special design
The new Tender 06Oe Electric Outboard stands out due to its slender hull and sharp bow, which have been designed in such a way that the boat effortlessly glides through the water, even at high speeds. Which is just as well: equipped with a powerful 100 hp electric outboard motor, the Tender 06Oe Electric Outboard can reach a maximum speed of 70 km/h. On a boat like this, developed with great attention to design, a standard deck just would not look right. Designboats therefore decided on an Esthec deck with a special design, to be installed by Heinrich. Using a computer-controlled 3D cutting machine, Esthec sheets are cut to the measurements of the boat down to the millimetre. Subsequently, each deck is finished according to the design required by Designboats. 


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