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Esthec, official partner Team Brunel in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015

World’s premier ocean race is back. From the start in Alicante last October to the final destination in Gothenburg in June 2015, seven teams are competing in the Volvo Ocean Race, the greatest race around the world and they will be battling for victory under the most extreme conditions. The Volvo Ocean Race is an unprecedented adventure of ocean racing, a contest against time and the fury of Mother Nature.

For the first time, Esthec will participate in the world’s toughest offshore race as official partner of the Dutch Team Brunel. “The Volvo Ocean Race is the longest and toughest event in professional sport. The race showcases extraordinary stories of human accomplishment and adventure on an international level with all ingredients we at Esthec value: teamwork and tactics, state of the art technology, competing against the forces of nature. We are proud to be partner of Team Brunel; it puts us at the center of international sailing”, says Commercial Director of Esthec Marcel van der Spek.

In the 2014/2015 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race, the race will see the first appearance of a one-design boat class: the new Volvo Ocean Race 65, with measures over 20 meters in length. With an endurance race lasting nine months in total, the teams will make eight more stop-overs, after just started leg 2 from Cape Town to Abu Dhabi. The teams will cover a total of almost 40,000 nautical miles, with extreme wind and weather conditions. Waves up to 30 meters in height and wind speeds reaching 120 kilometers per hour, the race is considered as life at the extreme.

“The Volvo Ocean Race will take Esthec with the products Decking and Terrace to our key source markets all over the world, such as the Middle East and Northern and Southern America. During the stop-overs we will welcome new and existing valued relations of Esthec to let them experience our Esthec Terrace and Esthec Decking products. And off course we want to let the people see and feel the intensity of world’s premier ocean race”, says Marcel van der Spek.

Bouwe Bekking, skipper of Team Brunel and Gideon Messink, one of the founding fathers of Team Brunel were key ambassadors of Esthec during the introduction of the company at the METS 2007.  Esthec, a composite material that in aesthetics and material accurately ticks all the boxes for the sailing and yacht industry, has been constantly innovated since the introduction in 2007. “For example with the low temperature Esthec Decking Blanc de Blancs and with Esthec Terrace, a state of the art and contemporary terrace system that enhances and embellishes any space with functional properties and sense of luxury. Although Esthec can nowadays also be found in other industries, we will always have a strong connection with high performance ocean racing”, says Marcel van der Spek.



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