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Esthec Terrace flies around the world as part of the Esthec TEST Case

Innovation, modern technology and the power of sharing: it all comes together in the Esthec Terrace Experiment Sharing Travelling Case, also known as the Esthec T.E.S.T. Case. This is the new and innovative acquisition experiment from Esthec. By applying for the Esthec T.E.S.T. Case many architects, landscapers and designers have got to know Esthec Terrace. Seeing, feeling, experiencing and sharing the product: that is the concept in a nutshell. In this way Esthec Terrace is presented uniquely, by using an already existing medium in a new way.

The Esthec T.E.S.T. Case is a suitcase full of information about Esthec Terrace but it does not stop there. The extensive and innovative Test Case offers the ample opportunity to get acquainted with all the features and capabilities of Esthec Terrace. Interaction and experience are the main focus of attention. This way architects, landscapers and designers of Esthec Terrace can see and feel the advantages of working with this terrace material.

Sustainability is key
In today’s world sharing has become a common trend. Unfortunately, through the internet it is not possible to actually experience the products that architects, landscapers and designers have to work with and neither can they get to know the benefits of the product. The Esthec T.E.S.T. Case is shared physically whilst respecting the environment. This way it is not necessary to produce a lot of samples, which reduces waste. However everyone can still discover the product. As a result, through sharing, the knowledge about Esthec Terrace will spread like a wildfire across the world. The Esthec T.E.S.T. Case will be available to professionals for a few days, after which it will be collected and taken on to its new destination!

Meet the Esthec T.E.S.T. Case
The idea is simple but effective: order the Esthec T.E.S.T. Case, experience the material and then share. The case naturally contains product samples in larger formats of Esthec Terrace, the high quality terrace material of Esthec, along with all the information on the properties of the material. The case also comes with an iPad. The iPad is preloaded with Skype and FaceTime and can be used to contact an employee of Esthec, who can answer any questions and give detailed explanations on the applications and properties of the material. The contact time with Esthec is also a condition to be able to apply for the Esthec T.E.S.T. Case.
We also ask the architects, landscaper or designers to share their experiences through Facebook or other social media platforms. The Esthec T.E.S.T. Case is certainly made for sharing, in both a physical and a digital sense!



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