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Esthec Terrace is gaining ground in the US

Esthec Terrace has clearly gained ground in Florida in 2014. A growing number of architects and owners of luxury residences are won over by Esthec Terrace’s appearance and functional properties. The opening of the Fort Lauderdale office has helped to increase exposure in this part of the country.

Waterfront villa Naples
More and more architects are showing a keen interest in the technical and aesthetic possibilities that Esthec Terrace offers. One of these architects is John Cooney of Stofft Cooney Architects. This successful architect has designed many high-profile projects in the south of Florida. His way of designing is best described as a refined combination of form, vision, style and structure. Cooney is including Esthec Terrace in an increasing number of his designs for luxury residences. He has used this comfortable and sustainable terrace decking system for a magnificent waterfront villa in Naples, for instance. Esthec Terrace was installed around the water features with a view across the open water.

Esthec not just conquering Florida
Naples is not the only place where Esthec Terrace can be seen. Esthec has also installed its Terrace system at several luxury residences in Miami. The owners of one of these villas made a conscious choice for EsthecTerrace because of its high-quality appeal. In this case there was no other option than to choose a decking product that perfectly matched the quality and style of the villa. And EsthecTerrace met this aesthetic requirement. Other advantages become apparent as soon as you set foot on the decking material; it is comfortable to walk on with bare feet. It does not splinter and is slip resistant, even in wet areas around swimming pools.

Esthec is not just conquering Florida. Anderson Moulding in Los Angeles has become the new Esthec partner for California.


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