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Hublot limited edition with exclusive Esthec finish

The world-renowned yacht builder VanDutch has been utilising Esthec composite decking for years. Recently, the collaboration between both companies gained a special dimension. Esthec was asked to play a part in the design of a special Hublot watch that VanDutch has attached its name to: the Hublot VanDutch Limited Edition. Esthec adds an extra touch of exclusivity to this collector’s item. Which is exactly what the Swiss watchmaker felt this nautical version needed.

VanDutch Americas, or VanDutch in short, builds luxury yachts that are known around the world for their modern, minimalist design, sleek looks and high level of comfort. By using the latest technologies and only the best materials, VanDutch produces yachts that are lightweight, strong and exclusive: ‘a must have’ for the international jet set.

Ever since the introduction of VanDutch, Esthec has been their partner of choice for innovative decking. The decking material is available in a range of different colours and provides a luxurious feel and appearance, while requiring minimal maintenance. The deck is an important part of a yacht, according to Henk R. Erenstein, one of VanDutch’s two partners. “The deck adds character to a yacht. We choose Esthec because of its luxury appeal and its exceptionally high quality. The material is easy to maintain and remains colourfast, even after many years. VanDutch and Esthec are inextricably linked”

Collector’s item
Recently, VanDutch and Esthec extended their collaboration into a new area. VanDutch has attached its name to the Swiss watch brand Hublot. The Hublot VanDutch Limited Edition is an exclusive watch made in a serie of just 55 pieces. Because of its close co-operation with VanDutch, Esthec was asked to also make a contribution to the development of the collector’s item. In order to give the watch a striking luxury appearance, the ring around the dial of the watch is made of Esthec. This affords the Hublot VanDutch Limited Edition exactly the sense of exclusivity that Hublot desired. The exclusive gift box that the Hublot VanDutch Limited Edition comes in is also made out of Esthec.

VanDutch, Hublot and Esthec are a perfect match: all three are contemporary products that stand for luxury and quality. VanDutch presents itself as ‘the Dutch avant-garde of yacht building’. Hublot uses Swiss precision and craftsmanship to create stylish watches that are well known in the nautical world. The luxurious, exclusive appeal of Esthec proves that the high-quality composite material has turned out to be an excellent choice for both companies.



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