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Yacht builder Yamarin makes innovative and bold decking choice

Yacht builder Yamarin has fitted its new boat, the 81 Day Cruiser, with Esthec decking in a very special design. The composite material that Esthec is made of offers much more freedom in design and colour than the usual teak to start with. On Yamarin’s new boat, however, this design freedom has been taken to a new level: the decking on the 81 Day Cruiser has an exceptional design with the milled seam pattern left uncaulked. This creates a beautiful three-dimensional effect and gives the new model a very innovative and uniquely bold look. The 81 Day Cruiser was not named Day Cruiser of the 2016 Helsinki International Boat Show for nothing.

According to Yamarin, the 81 Day Cruiser sets new standards in terms of technology. The underwater hull of the boat, for instance, was developed in boat racing. Its patented shape keeps the boat remarkably stable, even in rough waters, and also significantly reduces fuel consumption. This makes the 81 Day Cruiser an ideal boat for cruising. In addition to stable handling, the boat offers superior comfort – both inside and outside – thanks to its luxurious overall design including generous wind shields and a cockpit with 3D instruments.

Decking with an innovative look
The deck design of the 81 Day Cruiser sets new standards as well. Yamarin decided to take a completely different tack with the design of the decking. Instead of a traditional plank pattern and the standard black caulking, the yacht builder chose to use Esthec composite decking. This allows much more design freedom because the decking material itself and the caulking are available in a range of different colours. It also gives yacht builders complete freedom in choosing patterns for the deck. Yamarin wanted to take things a step further with the 81 Day Cruiser. To add a fresh and innovative look to the boat, the custom-designed pattern was left uncaulked, which gives the deck a subtle element of depth. True to their motto of “No limits in design” Esthec was able to accommodate the wishes of the boat builder. So far, 15 Day Cruisers have been fitted with this Esthec deck with its exclusive appeal.

A range of different colours, caulking and shapes
Yamarin is not the first company to move away from the traditional combination of teak and black caulking. A growing number of yacht builders choose Esthec decking material, because of the many design possibilities it offers. Esthec decking comes in a choice of 13 standard shades that customers can combine with five caulking colours. Using a different colour of caulking line can produce interesting effects and give the deck a completely different look. This has already been successfully applied on several modern yachts. The Esthec decking material is also very suitable for creating patterns and shapes and as such allows unlimited freedom of design. Not just straight or slightly curved plank designs in combination with traditional margin boards are an option, but also circles, herringbone patterns, mosaics, logos and compass roses. This enables any boat builder to use the many design possibilities that Esthec offers. Each time in a different, novel way. The 81 Day Cruiser is a fine example of this. Esthec® is therefore delighted that the boat was named Day Cruiser of the 2016 Helsinki International Boat Show.


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