Esthec encompasses over half a century of expertise and know how in the ship building and construction industries, it is the direct evolution of special compounds we developed to meet the harsh conditions and increasingly stringent requirement of cruise ship decks. At Esthec we develop our applications for longevity. In order to be able to develop and manufacture long-lasting products, Esthec pursues an intense development phase prior to production. The highest-grade materials are selected, and a battery of rigorous tests is applied to the materials to prove durability and longevity.

The products are also certified by independent institutes to satisfy our customers' growing environmental awareness.
We develop and manufacture long-lasting decking applications and extend their lifespan with support services and eco-friendly cleaning materials. The authorized installers of Esthec are a select group who have demonstrated exceptional skills, knowledge, and superior customer service levels to meet the highest standards of premium quality. Here you will find an overview of Esthec’s dealer network and sales offices.


A life cycle analysis has been carried out for the Esthec Nautical Decking application. This analysis examined the impact on the environment of both a traditional teak deck and an Esthec deck. In order to compare the environmental impact of both deck, the following starting points were used
-    Both decks have a life of 20 years
-    The thickness of a teak deck is 12 mm, that of an Esthec deck is 6 mm.

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Teak is one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces. One of the most beautiful, most durable and most impressive materials she has ever created. And, what’s more, one of the most useful. A forest full of teak is nothing less than one of Mother Nature’s lungs. Stopping deforestation is one of the greatest challenges faced by our generation. Carrying on our mission to replace the use of conventional materials like teak by new generation materials, is the sustainable way to move forward.

Toughest material

Today, Esthec is one of the toughest materials in the industry, and is not affected by warping, bending, fading or other commonly associated wear and tear signs of outdoor decks and therefore is the decking material of choice for many commercial and residential projects alike across the globe. Furthermore, staying true to our core belief and desire to contribute to a greener and better future by implementing new technologies to replace conventional materials with superior solutions, Esthec doesn’t contains any wood nor PVC. And, no corners are cut in the manufacturing process either, our materials are all made in The Netherlands by a team of skilled staff in a premium and green factory. 

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