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Besides the deck material, for which Esthec was originally developed, this ground-breaking material has opened up a whole range of other possible applications. After reading the following information about the various products, you will inevitably come to this amazing conclusion: the possibilities are endless.

Deck Finish
This is the mother of all Esthec products. Durable, ecological, composite deck material that is extremely easy to maintain, non slip, lightweight and virtually indestructible. In order to meet the wishes of the yacht industry, the material looks very much like teak. It has a luxurious and exclusive appearance. At the same time, the freedom in colour and design is unprecedented and Esthec decks last for about 15 years without requiring much maintenance. Last but not least: Esthec does not contribute to the destruction of dwindling forests.

(Outdoor) Furniture
Because Esthec can be produced both in flat form and in solid parts, it lends itself perfectly to being turned into unique design furniture. Some prototypes, developed by Esthec, are already in existence. The furniture can be used to fit out yachts in a matching style and detailed finish, but it may equally well be set up as a completely independent line. Any reputable manufacturer (possibly with an own design team) who comes forward can acquire the right to launch the world premiere.

A number of Esthec terraces have already been installed as luxury and modern outdoor terraces at beautiful (holiday) homes and villas. Esthec is very suitable as a terrace, both around and away from water. The material does not crack or splinter, is resistant to all sorts of liquids like wine and juices, resistant to bright sunlight and slip resistant in both dry and wet conditions. Perfect for carefree lounging.

Spa/Sauna facilities
Both Esthec’s looks and properties are ideal for applications in spa and sauna facilities. Esthec is also a welcome finish around swimming pools and hot tubs. It looks clean, luxurious and high quality and actually is. It is both hygienic and safe, because it is always slip resistant and does not splinter or crack. On top of this, it is easy to clean and maintain. A very relaxing thought!


A mosaic is usually made up of individual pieces of tile, glass or marble, which together form a wall or floor decoration. Since Esthec can be produced in any desired shape and size, the concept is quite simple really. Make small mosaic pieces out of Esthec material and create a unique, entirely personal wall or floor covering. All that is needed to move this application forward is one restaurant or café owner with progressive ideas. The first steps have already been taken by the way.

Plant boxes
Another application, for which a number of prototypes have already been made, is a plant box. Just like with the furniture, there are various possibilities, due to the wide range of design options offered by Esthec. Esthec plant boxes can for instance be produced as a matching addition to terraces and for spa facilities and swimming pools, where plants are used to add to the atmosphere. Plant boxes out of this durable and sustainable material are the perfect way to go green!



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