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Home of Esthec - Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht


Hendrik Ido Ambacht, 18-03-2020

Dear partners and friends,

As one of Esthec’s core beliefs has always been to supply the best possible product and customer experience to our clients, it was clear to us from the very start that we wanted Esthec to be made/produced from one single centralized production structure in our home, the Netherlands.
Not only does this allow us to implement innovation quickly into our manufacturing process and to have a tight grip on quality control but, especially as all our suppliers are from this region, it is also the most secured and eco-responsible supply chain to use. We are proud to say that we never swayed from this belief and today Esthec is only produced in our newest factory in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, a few steps from our Innovation Center, our head office and from our own research and development team.
Even now, we remain able to maintain a steady production schedule and while our lead-times can be longer than usual due to an increase of orders following the current global circumstances of other parties not being able to produce and/or supply, our main target remains to guarantee a stable and consistent production of sustainable and high quality products.
We will continue to believe and invest in our productive forces and trust you will rely on this ongoing dedication and commitment.
We wish you all well ; stay safe & healthy !

With kindest regards,

Marcel van der Spek

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