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Esthec is a Dutch company dedicated to sustainably improving the quality of decking for nautical, hospitality, leisure and residential applications. Our vision is to allow our company to design, develop and produce the best possible decking products for our customers and simultaneously increase the social impact while decreasing the impact on the environment.

Longevity of materials, low maintenance and aesthetics is our guiding principle. Read more about Esthec’s vision.


Where to buy

What better way to get to know our products than to actually see, feel and experience Esthec. Contact one of our offices for detailed information about the Esthec products and to schedule an appointment. The Experience & Innovation Center of Esthec is based in The Netherlands.
After a visit or Virtual Tour to the Experience & Innovation Center, you will be armed with more knowledge and new insights, or at least a head full of inspiration.

And with more than 25 sales hubs worldwide, Esthec can also be found in your region. You can contact one of Esthec’s sales offices or contact a certified Esthec partner nearby to get local support on your project.

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