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Esthec our story

Esthec is a Dutch company dedicated to sustainably improve the quality of decking for nautical, hospitality, leisure and residential applications. Our products are developed at our Dutch headquarters in an intensive design process, which combines our engineering expertise with the creative ingenuity and experience of our installation partners. This leads to sustainable decking concepts that are both functional and inspiring.

Esthec was introduced in 2007 as a revolutionary ecological decking material for the boat building industry. While the mindset of the nautical industry was mainly focused on using natural materials such as teak, Esthec introduced a new dynamic by allowing architects and designers more freedom with an environmental-friendly composite application.

At the same time teak can be left unspoiled and can continue to serve its original purpose: the iron lungs of Mother Nature.

Our vision is to allow our company to develop and produce the best possible products for our customers and simultaneously decrease the impact on the environment. Proven longevity of materials is one of our guiding principles, as demonstrated by our line of products. Initiatives like our experience center, the environmentally friendly Esthec production facilities, workshops, publications and collaborations with sustainability influencers are all integral elements of Esthec. They provide innovative ideas and lend greater depth to our understanding of the current and future use of our products.

Value chain

We have all expertise under one roof: research & development, production, worldwide sales and logistics, all located at our headquarters in The Netherlands.

As integral elements of the overall development, production and sales processes at Esthec, we are able to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint, anticipate scenarios at the end of the product's lifespan, and serve our customers in the best way we can while delivering turn-key decking solutions.


Esthec develops its products for longevity. Our in-house research & development department enables us to keep up with the latest developments, promote resource efficiency and circular economy solutions, and utilize environmentally friendly materials and technologies. This is most clearly exemplified by the products and their applications in our portfolio.


In our state of the art production facility we produce composite decking systems with lasting functionality and timeless aesthetics to keep them up to date and in active use for decades. This is achieved by an efficient and innovative production process based on the basic principles of jidoka (which can be loosely translated as “automation with a human touch”).


Initiatives like our experience center, workshops with clients and designers, and collaborations with sustainability influencers and designers are all integral activities of Esthec’s sales team. Together with our customers, we transform innovative ideas into decking applications. For every idea and for any requirement, our sales team has a solid solution.


Our logistics center is where we coordinate all of these processes; goods receiving, quality assurance, warehousing, assembly, packing and dispatch. There are no limits to our ability to implement your projects anywhere in the world. To ensure smooth worldwide processes, our logistics and production facility is closely networked to the major transportation hubs to serve our customers in the most efficient way as possible.


As a result of procurement policies and compliance with certification programs, we ensure that the materials purchased meet our conditions in regard to human rights and environmental standards. We purchase from suppliers in Europe for all of our most used components. We continuously analyze our products and materials, and our methods are monitored and evaluated by independent external institutions.

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