With Esthec


At Esthec we describe our decking applications as barefoot sophistication, since it includes all the charming properties of wood, yet without the inevitable, cracking, splintering, warping or weathering. The non-slip properties of Esthec are a guarantee of safety and extra high comfort, even barefoot.


Esthec is highly maintenance friendly and can be cleaned very easily. And Esthec does not absorb water and therefore eliminates algae and bacteria which gives wood based decking applications a weathered look and feel. Conclusion: there’s no expiration date on Esthec. It will still look stunning even after many years of use.


The appearance of Esthec allows endless solutions for colours and design. With a modern look and a very clean appearance it is the perfect solution for any kind of outdoor space should that be yachts, spas & resorts, villas or rooftop terraces. Esthec is a modern and sustainable solution for all outdoor decking environments.

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