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Creating innovative decking solutions for our customers is one of our main priorities. As a Dutch family-owned company we are dedicated to sustainably improving the quality of decking for nautical, hospitality, leisure and residential applications. Our products and concepts are developed at our headquarters in an intensive design process, which combines our engineering expertise with the creative ingenuity of our customers. This leads to decking concepts that are proven functional as well as inspiring.

At Esthec we will always continue to push boundaries and question the status quo. As an organization, Esthec has a strong focus on innovation and continuously improving products, processes and people. We reflect all our activities on a daily basis throughout the entire company and also look to improving on a daily basis to optimize customer value while maximizing employee happiness.


Carrying on the tradition of replacing traditional decking materials with modern and sustainable materials, Esthec places an emphasis on the durability, reduced maintenance and longevity of its products as part of its contribution to sustainable product development. Esthec is a strong and solid material that consists of natural components, fibers, colour pigments and fillers, neither plastic nor wood. As a thermoset product, Esthec differs from all the others on the market.


At Esthec we strive to improve every process in the company by focusing on enhancing the activities that generate the most value for our customer, and constantly improving the customer experience while removing as many waste activities as possible.


Esthec is a family-owned company. Maintaining lasting relationships with our employees is one of our core beliefs. By investing in the development and safety of our employees, we strive to create a growth generating and challenging working environment in which each employee can contribute.

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Esthec LED

Esthec decking embedded with LED lightning

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