With Esthec


Esthec has endless possibilities when it comes to design. It simply looks stunning. With its modern features it’s the perfect solution for design demands. And it can even be customized to meet specific aesthetic demands. Esthec offers unprecedented freedom in colour which allows any kind of outdoor area with a decking purpose to be integrated into any overall design scheme. Moreover, Esthec comes from a liquid product which enables freedom for projects with a visionary possibility of a custom made colour, unlimited design opportunities and full concept with all possible details covered with the Esthec finish.


Esthec’s unique production and application process allows designers to integrate any design they can imagine. From abstract patterns and geometric designs, to text and logos. And not only as a design feature in outdoor areas but also in various special applications and even in gadgets and watches, Esthec can play an eye catching part.


During a visit or Virtual Tour at our Experience & Innovation Center you will experience the out-of-the-box applications made of Esthec. And as a designer or architect during a physical visit, you can even enjoy a hands-on session in our research & development center which will provide new creative freedom and deeper insights into the fundamental properties of Esthec.

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