Highlight - Esthec cooler than ever


- Doesn't the deck get too hot?
- Can I walk on the deck with my bare feet?
- Won't I burn my feet?

Questions that come to us regularly. And we can confidently say, an Esthec deck is cooler than a traditional teak or PVC deck.
The Esthec Nautical Decking has been tested by the renowned institute TÜV in a temperature comparison with teak and alternative decking materials. The report describes comparative temperature experiments conducted between teak and Esthec in both colours Biscuit and Platinum. The end temperatures of the two Esthec colours, are significantly lower than those of teak. Esthec Platinum shows the lowest temperature rise.
A comparison of the results of the 3rd generation of Esthec Biscuit with the results obtained in 2011 with Esthec Biscuit  1st generation  and Esthec Biscuit 2nd generation shows that final temperatures have decreased by about 13°C and remain at least 8°C below teak. These temperature improvements were achieved without any deterioration in Esthec's other properties. A very positive result of continuous and ongoing research by the Esthec R&D centre.
The temperature test results are available in an official report from TÜV, which can be requested if required.