Highlight - Northern Dream

Taking the time gave a first-time owner his fantasy boat. The 130 foot Northern Dream yacht was refitted at Philbrook’s Boatyard. With a complete refit, owner Barry Stewart made his dream come true to re build a boat with the latest equipment and with all safety features. Philbrook’s design team, with much input from the Stewarts, refined the lay-out and co-ordinated plans with the captain who oversaw the refit. One of the features of the entire refit is Esthec Nautical Decking. The uniform decking is stricking. According to owner Barry Stewart, Esthec was the first of many easy-to-maintain features. “I know building materials”, he says. “I’m in the industry and I know when to save money and when to spend it. I choose Esthec because it has many advantages compared to teak. It’s easy to clean, it can withstand fish blood and also my active 11- and 12-year old children”.