You might be inclined to think in terms of traditional shapes. Straight or slightly curved planks combined with traditional ends. This is possible, of course, but Esthec allows the designer new creative freedom. Reflecting Esthec’s no limits mentality, the possibilities in design and colours are limitless. Due to the unique production and application process, designers and architects are able to integrate any design they can imagine.

Esthec comes from a liquid product which enables freedom for projects with a visionary possibility of a custom made colour and unlimited design opportunities. This includes as well “specials” as caprail, steps, rails, tables and other applications.

Any pattern, logo or text can be integrated as a unique and customized feature in the deck. Circles, herringbone, mosaic, and logos, any design you wish can be created. Each Esthec deck can be a customized deck. It is a beautiful way to personalize your yacht or motorboat. So… let your imagination run wild.

Step in to our one-on-one program. During a visit to our Experience & Innovation Center you can explore the boundless possibilities of our materials. Witness the liquid to solid phase transition and be guided through the world of Esthec materials.

Together with our experts you can create your customized and tailor made decking design during a one on one session. Pour, mix, press, stretch, touch, heat and bend our materials. We let you see and feel beyond your vision. Go to The Experience & Innovation Center of Esthec.


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